I’m beginning my journey with a challenge. A real food, tight budget type of challenge that I can only hope I succeed with. Times are tough for everyone, and my family needs a budget overhaul. Being a stay-at-home-mom to a 4-year old and living on an artist’s salary means we just don’t have much room to move. A change needs to happen!

We follow a real food, organic diet and have been spending $100-150/month on groceries. ¬†For the next 3 months, I am going to spend just $50/week on food. I have spent my summer canning and freezing the season’s bounty so we will rely on that to get us through. I also keep bulk grains and beans, which will also help immensely. Not included in my budget is $34/month for raw milk. We get a gallon of milk per week, so our ending budget will be more like $235/month, which is still next to nothing. I’m up for the challenge, though I know we may have to change some of our current eating habits… and give up our cheese snobbery and love of good beer. It’s time to get creative!